Digiworld is a curriculum designed to help children, aged between 5 and 16, to develop the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the online world in a safer and more enjoyable way.

Fun online quizzes, a digital library full of challenges and downloadable worksheets allow children to explore at their own pace and progress through different levels depending on their age, experience and ability. Certificates are awarded at each level to enable children to demonstrate their new understanding and to recognise their achievements.

The supporting guides help parents, carers and teachers to play and learn alongside their children and to actively support them in developing their digital understanding and resilience.

By completing the Digiworld curriculum your children can:

  • develop their understanding of the digital world.
  • explore the positive behaviours needed to be kind and respectful online.
  • examine online risks, negative behaviour, hate speech and fake news.
  • learn how to seek help, and recover, when things go wrong.